Wednesday, November 3, 2010

30 Seconds of Time comp + Zanzibar Snails ringtones too!

That Zanzibar Snails RINGTONE you've always wanted is now a realty thanks to Silber Records30 Seconds of Time, a new free, downloadable compilation of 30 second tracks that Zanzibar contributed two tracks to .... the comp also features such worthies as Rollerball, mwvm, Remora and the excellent Fires Were Shot:

.... full album, individual tracks AND ringtones available HERE

The Zanzibar Snails tracks are two pieces of a loose composition we've performed several times and as such are titled:




Lineup on these tracks:

Michael Chamy, Nevada Hill, Mike Maxwell, Seth Sherman, Josh McWhirter.

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Brian John Mitchell said...

Thanks for taking part guys. The comp is a pretty crazy mix of goodness even by Silber standards.