Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Journey Into Amazing Caves! CD + DVD
2009, Mayyrh Records MYH06

Two discs, one audio, one video montage by David Lee Price with a separate Zanzibar soundtrack. LIMITED EDITION of 100 in a vellum sleeve, screen printed by Nevada Hill

1. Journey Into Amazing Caves! 20:10
2. Journey Into Amazing Caves (epilogue) 2:57
3. Gilded Stars & Garters 6:43
4. Journey Into Amazing Caves (Pepth Derception) 23:14

Recorded in Hurst, Denton & Austin, TX 2006-2007
Produced by Michael Chamy

An ebbing series of hypnotic fjords that whisper, banter & barter, commingle, converge & break apart, pile up and explode.
Michael Chamy & Nevada Hill w/ guest spots from Chicago-based saxophonist Mike Forbes, and Austin's David Lee Price, who re-imagines the epic opener in flashback form.

“At first it kinda reminded me of Xenakis’ electronic stuff or Conrad’s darker synth stuff, but then it went into this avant guitar drone jam like if Earth and AMM had a baby ….” – our friend Tiago

Carbage Goma
A visual transmission by David Lee Price
Soundtrack by Zanzibar Snails recorded live in Denton, TX on 9/29/2007

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A hallucinatory montage by David Lee Price titled “Carbage Goma,” with Zanzibar Snails producing the soundtrack. The audio is taken from a live performance by a five-piece lineup feat. Price, Seth Sherman & Josh McWhirter ... a chanting, clattering cry for help giving narrative to Price’s shifty, swirling ode to the primeval takeover of a technocratic society by a battalion of mutated Hervay Villachaize clones & his pet cadre of mutant wombat larva sporting oversized women’s sunglasses.

Audio 4 tracks, 53 minutes
DVD 26 minutes-plus

$10 postpaid U.S.


wu fru de lu said...

Im selling bootleg copies for 3 dollars each off craigslist. you didnt know i was video taping the dvd when you showed it to us.

d.L.p said...

Here's what the next wave will be like: