Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Zanzibar Snails "Caveat Emperor" (Ikuisuus)


Zanzibar Snails
Caveat Emperor CD
(Ikuisuus), IKU027

With “Caveat Emperor,” Denton, Texas’ Zanzibar Snails don't just sound out of place geographically, they come from a whole other primordial mind. Remnants of 80s/90s outer industrial skree collage of Organum/Nurse With Wound are glimpsed, the collapsing spontaneous darkspace of New Zealand's Dead C, and perhaps more importantly Bruce Russell's Corpus Hermeticum label, too. Teeming with more percussives (albeit oblique as fuck) than the ensemble’s previous 5 long players, “Caveat Emperor” was recorded in part at Dallas’ Klearlight by guest percussionist Jay Jernigan (Vas Deferens Organization, Ariel Pink) and co-mastered by Zanzibar’s Michael Chamy and John Stillings of Texas malevolents Steel Hook Prostheses. Pieces like “Godthaab Trust Fund” (its edges gilded with an awful lunar miasma) and lost-afternoon séance “Pregnant With Martyrs” (a paraplegically inverted pagan bloomquist) exist in a headspace that's as populated with the grimy improvised ramblings of early Sandoz Lab Technicians and AMM as the perceivable fabric of the material world itself. Music for escape, mayhaps, but moreso a claustrophobic portal to that shifty place (at turns pallid and lucent) in which we dwell.
A limited CD, whose visually disquieting geothermal spectrals were conjured by Zanzibar’s Nevada Hill, designer and screenprinter. - Lee Jackson

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Zanzibar Snails
“Caveat Emperor”

1. Earwig Sonata 1:31
2. Forager 4:55
3. Godthaab Trust Fund 11:51
4.Pregnant With Martyrs 13:24
5. Crimini Headrush 6:58

$10 Postpaid U.S.

Zanzibar Snails is:

Nevada Hill & Michael Chamy
David Lee Price (1-3, 5)
Jay Jernigan (2 & 3)
Sarah Alexander (1)
Stephen Lucas (1)
Austin Fox (4)
Josiah Miller (4)
Kevin Parmer (4)

2, 3 & 5 recorded live room at Klearlight Studios, Dallas, TX in Dec. 2008. 4 recorded July 2009 in Hurst, TX. 1 recorded Feb. 2010 at Trailer Space Records in Austin, TX.

Produced by Michael Chamy. Mastered by J Stillings & Michael Chamy. Images & design by Nevada Hill.

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