Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Last Zanzishow of the yearrrr .... and more

Last show of the year for Zanzibar Snails: an after-hours throwdown at a CD Warehouse in Arlington (famous home of the tx basebawlers) courtesy of the Wasted Words Arts Collective. The bill spotlights Chicago noise maven Arvo Zylo, on his way back from HTX’s fierce Dead Audio fest. Featuring mic'ed aluminum mask, a trumpet, a belt sander, and some sheet metal. Hard to beat.

Also on the bill is the master illusionist Welby as well as Snuff films, a new harsh project from DFdynamo Mickey Spalding (Screamin’ Fetus, Poison Apple).

CD Warehouse
1112 N. Collins
Arlington, Texas 76011


2010: Zanzibar’s upcoming “Caveat Emperor” is due out by year’s end on Finland’s Ikuisuus.

In the meantime, have you downloaded your hot Zanzi ringtone?

2011: Zanzibar-related concrete-troniks Watchers are performing in early January at Good Records along with Steel Hook Prostheses, Depths and others ….

With Drug Mountain no longer an active concern, Zanzibar’s Nevada Hill now plies his no wave predilections these days in Geistheistler, featuring two core members (Justin Lemons and David Saylor) of sadly defunct Denton leviathans Notes From Underground. Looking forward to great things from this trio.


poppyallgood said...

Anything with a mic'd mask is okay in my book.

Also, Drug Mountain will always be a concern.

Arvo said...

Arlington was a lot of fun! It was great to meet you and thanks for the hospitality/support!!!