Thursday, January 28, 2010

Zanzibar Snails "Vitiligo"

out now on Tape drift:

Zanzibar Snails
Vitiligo CDr
(Tape Drift) TD24
"March 09 recordings from this phenomenal and mysterious Texas group with the ability to hypnotize listeners and create a swirling vortex of magical sound. Occupying some nether territory between collective improv, grainy atmosphere building, and structured chaos, Zanzibar Snails follow in the tradition of the great Texas psych dreamers in their quest for exploration. Vitiligo is the disease that turns the black man white (the most famous case being the macabre Michael Jackson), and the word accentuates the close relationship between darkness and light, luminescence and void, order and entropy. The first Zanzibar full-length to feature vocalist/sound sculptress Sarah Alexander. Amazing silkscreened gatefold sleeves (designed and screened by Nevada Hill) in stamped vellum envelopes." - Tape Drift

1. Clock Strikes Zen
2. Entreatise
3. Vainly Clutching (at Feng Shui)
4. Pickapeppa
5. Crème of Sum Yung Zen

Nevada Hill – violin, oscillator; Michael Chamy – oscillators, generators, synth, vocals; Sarah Alexander – vocals, electronics, bells & whistles (tracks 1-4); Sinevil – prepared guitar, speaker manipulations, ortef rendering, throat slitting (tracks 1-4); David Lee Price – vocals, percussion, electronics, melodica (track 5); Seth Sherman – acoustic guitar (track 5)
Trcks 1-4 recorded 3/16/2009 at J&J’s Pizza in Denton, Texas. Track 5 recorded 3/20/2009 at the Salvage Vanguard Theater in Austin, Texas. Produced by Michael Chamy. Images & design by Nevada Hill.

$7 postpaid

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