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Age of Disinformation
Age of Disinformation
(Mayyrh) MYH08

Age of Disinformation is a lucid nightmare supergroup featuring members of Dallas/Denton/Ft. Worth area ensembles Great Tyrant, Zanzibar Snails, Yells at Eels, Tidbits, SUBkommander & Aphonic Curtains. At midnight on May 23, 2008, surrealist impresario Aaron Gonzalez assembled a 6-piece ambient group called Age of Disinformation, billing the event in advance as “an improvisation on the current state of psychological and spiritual breakdown as it relates to viral ecosystems of economies of information.”
Those were the only instructions the incoming players received. The end result: a 47-minute cloud of transmogrifying cadmium clouds with mercury lining, mutated voices meshing with dark electronic scree tempered by beautifying moments of translucent cognition, paving the way for the formation of the eternal Unimind. The way to evolution is .... disinformation?

7 tracks, 47 minutes. Limited edition 200 CDr, featuring design by Nevada Hill based on a collage by Aaron Gonzalez
Recorded by Dennis Gonzalez; Mixed by Aaron & Dennis Gonzalez. Post-production by Michael Chamy.

The Players:
Aaron Gonzalez [Yells at Eels; Akkolyte; Aphonic Curtains] (vocals)
Mike Maxwell [SUBkommander; Aphonic Curtains; the Watchers] (electronics)
Michael Chamy [Zanzibar Snails; the Watchers] (oscillators, shortwave, electronics)
Jon Teague [The Great Tyrant; Yeti] (analog patch synth)
Kim Corbet [Tidbits] (keyboards, percussion, vocals, trombone)
Kenny Withrow [Tidbits; New Bohemians] (guitar, ebow)

$8 postpaid

Audio clips at Mayyrh on MySpace

Video excerpt by Dennis Gonzalez:

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