Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Zanzibar Snails@Dallas Festival of Modern Music

In keeping with our Twister-like "foot in every arena" approach, Zanzibar Snails has been invited to perform at the 2010 Dallas Festival of Modern Music, which is just what it says ... a string of  performances by modern composers, some very adventurous, all in a classical setting with the exception of an after-show series at Good Records that we are playing on Saturday, November 6.

Following the early evening 7pm performance at Lakewood United Methodist, (featuring Pierre Boulez’s rarely performed masterwork Le Marteau sans MaĆ®tre, for soprano, flute, viola, guitar, and percussion), Zanzibar Snails play the after-show at Good Records.

Zanzibar will be performing two very different sets, with the first kicking off at 9:30pm.

With a lineup featuring Sarah Alexander, Stephen Lucas and Nicholas Cabrera, expect a potent dose of the unexpected. Typically atypical.

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