Monday, November 17, 2008

BROWN DWARF, D & N in Terrascope, Animal Psi

A couple of recent reviews of Zanzibar Snails' BROWN DWARF CDr and the D & N 3 inch:

October 18, 2008

"a spacey humdrum of oscillating drone and brittle, radioed static. …. “Omega” follows with intensifying volume and frequency, overwhelming the dial with squealing modulations, short-lived, yet soon resumed by the viola over sawing loops..."

D & N
"... straddling the line between Jandek/Out(sider) guitar whittling and the formless drone of countrymen Stars of the Lid. Bleeding through and into another, the bare pulse of the CDr is easy to miss as each three minute piece pushes past like blood pressure."

Terrascopic Rumbles August 2008

"'Brown Dwarf' is a thoughtful mix of drone, experimental noise, and electronica. Containing five tracks, the music has a crackle of electricity running through it, mixing acoustic and electric instruments into a highly listenable, yet challenging, whole."

D & N
"... we are treated to drones and scrapings, siren led synths and rambling percussion, all of which add up to a bloody good time."

And blogger supreme Lee Jackson had this to say on about a recent Zanzibar live set in late August opening up for pulsating HTX psychsters Indian Jewelry:

"Zanzibar Snails and Indian Jewelry on the same stage at the Lounge on Elm street, more proof that interesting outer sounds are coming back to Deep Ellum again. The originality displayed by both these bands arguably outweighs the quality of their performances, but then there's something about the deep space chasms of the 'Snails' crawling low-end feedback scrawl, emanating from homemade post industrial electronic head machines, oscillators and chugging guitar feedback that washes through the mind like a flood of DMT. The 'Snails do two things with equal intensity: bring the deep minimal drone, and take it all to another level just when you think they've hit the apex of murky feedback strangeness. Precog moment: about halfway through the set: I started to think repeatedly, some drums should come in right here, and sure enough some echoed snare strikes came in the mix. That shit's true BTW."

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