Wednesday, August 13, 2008

D & N gets Foxy love

Foxy Digitalis this week ravely reviewed the D & N 3-inch released on the Zanzibar-produced TX "out" label MAYYRH, a home recording collaboration between Zanzibar Snails Nevada Hill and David Lee Price

"Don't mistake this for just another bedroom drone record. Melodies, songforms, and rhythms have just as much importance here as the whirling drones that weave them together.

In a foldout reversible sleeve, artwork also courtesy of Hill and Price …

Available at www. mayyrh. com, at shows, and at Recycled and Strawberry Fields in Denton

A couple of other various opinions:

"This might be one of the most accessible pieces of music released by local noise artists that I've heard, and it would probably make a good introduction to those wary of improvised or experimental music.
" – WeShotJR

"The overall effect is a brief epic of shifting drones and cryptic noisemaking, an eerie trip through the cars of an audio ghost train …" – Dead Angel

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