Friday, November 21, 2008

Vanadium Dream out now on Phantom Limb Recordings

Zanzibar Snails' new Vanadium Dream CDr is out now on L.A.'s Phantom Limb Recordings.
A mindwinter daydream recorded at home during a cold afternoon, Vanadium Dream features Denton, TX improv collective Zanzibar Snails as a quartet, joined by Mike Maxwell (SUBkommander, Aphonic Curtains) on electronics and Seth Sherman on acoustic guitar and percussion, along with core Snails Nevada Hill and Michael Chamy on bowed cymbals, guitars and electronics. Ethereal, meandering, organic, provocative and personable, Vanadium Dream is lucid, warm and crisp despite the high levels of iridium.

Says Phantom Limb Recordings:
"Unexpected sounds from unexpected new friends, the drone of Zanzibar Snails is both familiar and wholly indescribable. Music made by inhuman means, an alchemy of sounds blasted and scorched, "Vanadium Dream" is a thick radioactive depth charge to our oceanic roster of drone and trance sounds. It is an attack on the senses, staged in three sections, a triptych of doom and resurrection. Packaged in a beautiful 5 screen / 9 color silkscreened fold out cover, by Nevada Hill this is a looker to behold and a sounder to listen at..."
Limited edition of 100.

1. Om Isotope 15:16
2. Vanadium Daydream 11:33
3. In V 11:12

Michael Chamy – tone generators, keyboard, shortwave, vocals, woodwind
Nevada Hill - guitars, bowed cymbals, percussion, vocals
Mike Maxwell – electronics, shortwave
Seth Sherman - acoustic guitar, vocals, percussion, woodwind

Recorded in Hurst, TX. Produced by Michael Chamy.
Artwork, design & screen printing by Nevada Hill
Available now from Phantom Limb Recordings

Distribution from Tomentosa
Available at Good Records in Dallas and Recycled Books in Denton.


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