Friday, January 29, 2010

Amazing Caves! -- perfectly Foxy

Foxy Digitalis gives Journey Into Amazing Caves! a perfect score

Thanks for listening, Andrew Livingston


North Texas duo of Nevada Hill and Michael Chamy (along with many friends) bring out the warm fuzzies of drone with this release. Heavy on oscillators, filled with dynamic movement and still creeping along with the pace of their namesake, Zanzibar Snails put a smile on a pair of ears that would have rather not heard another drone record, thank you.

Four tracks in just under an hour, two behemoths and two short breaths of glacial rock. I am a simple man and this record hits the touchstones of albums that I enjoy. Enough length to tracks to not overwhelm the listener, an influence that is easy to spot without the performance being mired down in pure copy, featuring my instruments of choice (oscillators and shortwave radio), flexible membership and great delivery.

The accompanying DVD, “Carbage Goma” was produced by part time member David Lee Price and uses the audio from a Zanzibar Snails performance. Although it’s heavy on filters and jumps around the visual element does not really overwhelm. It maintains engagement, does not induce seizures (well, only a little bit) and makes the almost 30 minutes soar by. This is stellar and I hope to see and hear more from them.
10/10 -- Andrew Murdock Livingston (26 January, 2010)