Friday, August 14, 2009

Fall releases ....


Two more from Mayyrh Records:

D & N
D & N2

Full length debut from the collaboration between Zanzibar's Nevada Hill and David Price
"all music & sounds on this CD were recorded by Nevada Hill and David Price on a compound in Junction, Texas over 2 days in the 2nd week of July 2008. Once back home, the recordings were then put onto cassette tapes and digital files and mixed together using 2 modified tape players, 2 iPods, and an 8-channel mixer. The final mix was then cut in half, and the 2 halves were placed on top of each other at varying volumes. The final composition was then broken into 9 parts based on sections defined during the recording and mixing process.
instruments: 2 acoustic guitars, melodica, modified Yamaha keyboard, modified drum machine, contact microphone, looping pedal, modified musical elephant keyboard, field recordings, 2x4 boards, ice chest, metal tubes, rock house"

Age of Disinformation
Age of Disinformation

Nightmare supergroup featuring members of Great Tyrant, Zanzibar Snails, Yells at Eels, Tidbits, SUBkommander & Aphonic Curtains. At midnight on May 23, 2008, surrealist impresario Aaron Gonzalez assembled a 6-piece ambient group called Age of Disinformation. The results: a 45-minute cloud of transmogrifying cadmium clouds with mercury lining, mutated voices meshing with dark electronic scree tempered by moments of translucent cognition, paving the way for the formation of the eternal Unimind. The way to evolution is .... disinformation?

And a new Zanzibar Snails release on Albany, NY's Tape Drift label

Zanzibar Snails

"Vitiligo" is the disease than turns the black man white, and accentuates the close relationship between darkness and light, luminescence and void, order and entropy
Recorded in March of 2009. Featuring vocals by Sarah Alexander.

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