Friday, June 26, 2009

local love

Zanzibar Snails got nominated for best Experimental/Avant-Garde act in both the Dallas Observer and the Fort Worth Weekly this year.

We won't win being that we are the only experimental and arguably only avant-garde act on either list - oxymoronically - but feel free to vote

FW Weekly voting (ends Sunday June 28)

Dallas Observer voting (ends Tuesday, July 21)

We also got invited to play the Observer's Awards Showcase, which occurs at different venues on Lower Greenville iin Dallas on Saturday, July 18

Also, we recently got profiled in The Fort Worth Weekly's cover story on experimental music by Ken Shimamoto about the resurgent wave of stuff hitting Tarrant County, including the rebirth of the nonprofit Metrognome Collective, the recent No Idea Festival that happened in the middle of the cowpoke stockyards, Herb Levy's avant-classical productions, the always unheralded Terry Horn, and the Wasted Words Arlington house shows.


ron dinkle said...

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paul richards said...

that free potato party was great btw.