Thursday, March 12, 2009

Zanzibar's March Madness

Friday, March 13 @ The Fra House in Denton
Zanzibar Snails featuring the return of Mike Forbes, the free saxophonist & longstanding Zanzibar collaborator. Mike & fellow Denton expat Andrew Young are on tour from Chicago, fresh off recording with Weasel Walter (Flying Luttenbachers) and will be playing with the night’s other improvised act, a free ensemble featuring Aaron & Stefan Gonzalez alongside he Forbes/Young/Billington trio known independently as Tiger Hatchery. Zanzibar feat. Forbes and special guest drummer Adam (Orange Coax) as well as Nevada on electric violin. Also playing is the ever-rumbling Drink to Victory. 2127 Oak St., Denton. We will/should have copies of our new cd/dvd double Journey into Amazing Caves! (Mayyrh) and will have them on us all week. Sample on the myspace.

Saturday, March 14 @ The Salvage Vanguard Theatre in Austin
Yeast By Sweet Beast with The Watchers (Snails’ Michael Chamy & Mike Maxwell + Mark Church) as well as Yells at Eels, St 37, Future Blondes, Balaclavas, The Great Tyrant, Tiger Hatchery, Book of Shadows, Concrete Violin and many more …. projections on both stages. Watchers on 2nd stage at 12:45am.

Monday, March 16 @ J & J’s Pizza in Denton
Zanzibar Snails with Not Not Fun bands Pocahaunted , Robedoor , and Magic Lantern , traveling on their way to SXSW, as well as NYC’s warped Totally Dad . Actually the lineup is projected to be NNF party supergroup Vibes featuring members of all three, plus Magic Lantern and Robedoor. Early show, 8pm.

Friday, March 20 @ The Salvage Vanguard Theatre in Austin
Zanzibar Snails at a 2-day daypartyfest featuring Maserati, My Education, Venison Whirled, Tambersauro, Fires Were Shot and many more, projections by Paul Baker. Zanzibar Snails at 2:45pm. Projected Zanzibar lineup lineup includes Austinites Seth Sherman and David Lee Price.

Sunday, March 22@1314 Austin St., Denton
unnamed Zanzibar collaboration with enchanting SF psyche droners Barn Owl and Batfuckcrazy. Early show, 6pm.

Saturday, March 28 @ The Cavern in Dallas
The Watchers with Sarah Ruth, Many Birthdays (Austin) and Jack With One Eye. The Watchers at 11pm.

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