Wednesday, March 11, 2009

No Idea Festival pics & reviews

Lee Jackson's Womblife posted an insightful review of the Fort Worth night of the No Idea Festival on Feb. 24, complete with short video clips (posted below)

Ken Shimamoto's Stash Dauber blog also reviewed the fest

Chad Withers' Denton Deluxe site has posted some great photos from the fest.

Annette Krebs: schooled in collage

Mike Maxwell, Annette Krebs, Tara Wood & Sarah Alexander: deep listening

Jason Kahn w/ Zanzibar Snails' Nevada Hill & Michael Chamy: buzzkill

Tatsuya Nakatani w/ Yells at Eels: dash-rip-skrock

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wu fru de lu said...

did i ever get a recording of this show? if so, i need another copy cause i lost mine.