Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Vanadium Dream out this summer ... future releases too!

Due to a more adventurous artwork gameplan, featuring a fold-out poster, the Zanzibar Vanadium Dream release on Phantom Limb Recordings has been pushed back to June or July. It'll be worth the wait.

In other ZanziNews, the Snails will be performing at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios in Denton on Saturday May 24 as part of the Denton Deluxe 2-night fest curated by the divine Strawberry Fields video and record store responsible for the Denton Deluxe compilations. We're also excited about a pre-show recording session featuring players from the likes of Shiny Around the Edges, Dokodemodoa, and Dust Congress.

There is also a MAYYRH release due in the Fall, this one an inner-ear CD/DVD combo dronescape tentatively titled Journey Into Amazing Caves! featuring a visual cornucopia into the mind's spleen by Zanzibar's Southern Division art director, David Lee Price.

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