Monday, March 31, 2008

New Snails' album on Phantom Limb Recordings

By May 1 or thereabouts, the latest Zanzibar Snails odddyseee will drop on Phantom Limb Recordings, a top-notch CD-aRt endeavor run by Grant Capes and the folks in L.A.'s woozy mellow tripsters (VxPxC). The album will be called Vanadium Dream, a three-track CDr at just under 40 minutes, featuring the more airy, organic hash-dream side of the band, joined this time by SUBkommander Mike Maxwell on electronics, along with Seth Sherman, Nevada Hill (busy with bowed cymbals & percussion this time) and myself (Michael Chamy).

Also, rumor has it Nevada will be taking a West Texas jaunt later this spring to record a follow-up to the D & N 3-inch, last year's surprisingly bright & friendly (not to mention well-received) collaboration with David Lee Price, CEO of the Snails' Austin division.

Next Zanzibar Live Action: Friday April 19 at Hailey's, a "UFO Fest" held on the date of the notorious Aurora, TX UFO crash well over a century ago. We'll be joined on this occasion by the always unpredictable Violent Squid, Silk Stocking, Mad Scientists, and more.

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the oscillator's wife said...

Wow! No clue you had a blog. Congrats on the label thingie! Very proud.
The future's so bright, I gotta wear shades...