Thursday, February 21, 2008

Zanzibar at Melodica Fest 2008

May I direct your attention to the Melodica Fest in general, and specifically to the Zanzibar Snails performance at 8pm on Saturday, as part of WeShotJR stage at the Amsterdam Bar, site of Dallas’ finest patio and pints for the epicuriously inclined. !No BYOB!

Zanzibar will be joined by our favorite itinerant Snail and traveling Melodica player, David L. Price. Not only is Dave a traveling Melodica player, but he is also a traveling melodica player. Ever heard a melodica? .... if so, probably not like this.

We will also be unveiling copies of our new long player BROWN DWARF, a power drone odyssey featuring the strings of Josh McWhirter going all conrad, wrapped around staticky incursions that delve dangerously deep within the innerspace, to the point of explosion and decay, danger and delay.

Also, Zanzibar we will be joined once again by Mike M. the SUBkommander, who has his own special treat planned for his performance with the SUBkommander Gamelan Orchestra blowout on Friday at 8pm at Avenue Arts. Michael C. from Zanzibar will take part, as well as special guests Rob Filth (Aphonic Curtains) and the Yells at Eels electric inversion klezmer ensemble.

ye shall not pass thro' this nicht unscathed.


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