Thursday, February 28, 2008


$7 ppd. U.S.

A power drone odyssey featuring the strings of Josh McWhirter gone Conrad, wrapped around staticky innerspace implosions, ebbs & flows of decay and release, meditative balms and disorienting headfuck. Peppered with disembodied voices, haywire electronics, and introspective cadences. Five tracks, 35 minutes.

1. Brown Dwarf (Iota) 6:48

2. Brown Dwarf (Lengua) 6:50

3. Brown Dwarf (Coma) 5:10

4. Brown Dwarf (Omega) 7:15

5. Brown Dwarf (Parabola) 8:22

Josh McWhirter - viola, tapes

Michael Chamy - shortwave, loops, generators

Seth Sherman - acoustic guitar

Nevada Hill - electric guitar

Recorded in Denton, TX at Hailey's 10.7.07. Produced by Michael Chamy.

Deluxe digipack by Nevada Hill & David L. Price.

Available online now, at Strawberry Fields in Denton starting March 1, 2008, and at Recycled Records in Denton and Good Records in Dallas soon thereafter.

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