Friday, June 3, 2011

6/14 @ J & J's Pizza: Swanox, Sudden Oak, Zanzibar Snails, Kwjaz

Tuesday June 14
Sudden Oak (San Francisco) (lap-guitar & amplified sax duo)
Swanox (San Francisco, Not Not Fun) (hypnotic cavalcade of swirling textures)
Zanzibar Snails (TX TX, Ikuisuus)
Kwjaz (San Francisco)

J & J’s on the Square
118 W. Oak
Denton, TX 76201
Swanox (San Francisco, Not Not Fun)
“long-form new age ritual electricity before slowly dissolving into a patchwork of mumbly, loner drone-folk and hypnotized dusk hikes through fields of wet ferns.” – description of last year’s “Dawnrunner” cassette on Not Not Fun

swanox at enemy (chicago) june 7th, 2009 from acid marshmallow on Vimeo.

Sudden Oak (San Francisco)
“Sudden Oak slop toxic gunk that hashes tones i

nto a full cranum rinse. A duo, they batter shards of broken guitar through a teargas sax haze. Scrawling maniacally in hot reds that bleed together a shimmering blend, Sudden Oak are harsh, and they burn.” – LA Weekly

sudden oak at enemy (chicago) june 7th, 2009 from acid marshmallow on Vimeo.

Zanzibar Snails (Denton, Ikuisuus)
Drone in, flip out – a long-standing collision of the organic and electric – of late featuring collisions of clarinet, bassoon, violin, Tibetan bowl, modified skateboard, electrical tone generators, shortwave, and other toys. Harsh to sublime, and sidereal pathways in-between. New release “Caveat Emperor” on Finland’s Ikuisuus has been compared to Organum, Nurse With Wound, and Sandoz Lab Technicians.

Kwjaz (San Francisco)
Falling somewhere between outsider instrumental pop and dubbed-out psychedelic ethno-jazz, SF mastermind Peter Berends leads a colorful excursion into the astral unknown. Moments of cool jazz tranquility unexpectedly morph into trip-hop fantasy ballads, long-tone new age bliss suddenly shifts into West African romps, and somehow all these tangents seem impossibly and seamlessly linked. Fans of Hype Williams, Rangers or Ducktails will not want to miss out on this lysergic masterpiece." - Aquarius Records (review of s/t cassette)


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