Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Zanzibar Snails March 4 w/ nmperign + jason lescalleet, Shawn David McMillen

Mayyrh & Womblife Productions Present:

nmperign + jason lescalleet
w/ Shawn David McMillen, Zanzibar Snails
Friday, March 4
Oak Cliff Cultural Center
223 W. Jefferson Blvd.
Dallas, TX

The Cultural Center is located right next to the historic Texas Theater. Free alcoholic refreshments will be available inside (tips welcome). Limited parking in front, but there's plenty more round back of the building.

Admission: $10 at the door
Show Starts: 7:30

...Thanks to Evita Cortez for her fantastic artwork on the flier!

Nmperign and Jason Lescalleet:
The trio of Nmperign [Greg Kelley and Bhob Rainey] and Jason Lescalleet made its first recorded appearance in 1999 on This is Nmperign's 2nd CD (Twisted Village Records), which was followed immediately by In Which the Silent Partner-Director Is No Longer Able To Make His Point With the Industrial Dreamer (Intransitive Recordings). But it was 2006's double CD Love Me Two Times (Intransitive Recordings), a five-year endeavor encompassing a stunning range of styles, fidelities, and emotions, that solidified this trio's reputation as a genre-crossing juggernaut operating in its own league of contemporary noise, improvisation, and electroacoustic composition. Praise for Love Me Two Times was nearly universal, and it continues to be cited as a benchmark recording in experimental music.

Live performances by Nmperign & Jason Lescalleet are rare but always significant events. Their 2010 performance at Chicago's Neon Marshmallow festival was hailed as "The best of the fest…. left jaws on the floor. Probably in my top 5 favorite performances ever… The triumph of craft and deep listening" (Chris Sienko - Gapers Block). They similarly shook the fillings out of teeth in Glasgow at Instal 06, and in Somerville, MA, at the Brainwashed Festival 2008.

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Shawn David McMillen:
Shawn David McMillen's music burrows deep into dark and disturbed mental corridors. Dashes of dusty blues and flickering acoustics scatter across his music, giving it a somnolent, cloistered sense of time and space. Back in 2006 in the Wire, Jon Dale described McMillen's first solo album, Catfish, as "sharing the peculiar sense of temporal and topographical resonance that exemplifies the soporific, glazed music created by artists from Texas," and that same eerie intimacy pervades his latest release, Dead Friends, which came out last year (excerpt taken from www.austinist.com). McMillen will be accompanied by Austin musicians Josh Ronsen (Gates Ensemble, Frequency Curtain) and Carolyn Cunningham (Woven Bones).

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Zanzibar Snails:
Denton's Zanzibar Snails is performing as the trio of Michael Chamy, Nevada Hill and Nick Cabrera, hot on the heels of the release of its new album, Caveat Emperor, on Finland's revered Ikuisuus label. Here's an excerpt of a review I wrote for a house show they played last Summer at the Leisure Womb in Ft. Worth: "...just in time for the Zanzibar Snails' trio set, which offered up an undulating soundbath that spiraled through the industrial/drone/noise multiverse with intergalactic grace. Rising tonal tides brush up against distant clarinet, radio crackle and low end guitar groan. Was really struck by Nevada Hill's work on guitar here, alternating between almost doom to more lowercase hum and crackle straight out of the Kevin Drumm handbook, but every member (including Michael Chamy and Nick Cabrera) brings something compelling to the table. Hope they recorded it. Hope they release it."

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