Saturday, July 31, 2010

Age of Dis, D & N 2 in Terrascope Online

The venerable psychonaut waxes about the Mayyrh clan in this month's Terrascopic Rumbles, penned by some combination of Ian Fraser, Steve Palmer and Stefan Eck:

"Maybe the most weird and original cover, if not ever at least for a very long time: The easy part is the vellum sleeve with screen-printed text on. But then, the CDr is wrapped in “mysterious sebaceous animal fleece”. Phew! What about the band, the music and sounds? Well, it’s D & N with their debut full-length release “2” (or D & N 2’s self titled album, how could I know?). D & N is not our old friends Damon and Naomi but a collaboration between Nevada Hill and David Lee Price, both from North Texas improve/drone collective Zanzibar Snails. When I’ve emotionally recovered from opening the cover, I could concentrate on the music and it’s sounds. The vellum sleeve’s explanation of the technical procedures of the CD (improvisations during two days etc, then all cut into two pieces placed over each other on varying volumes) has been read and understood. But, still, the music and sounds? Well, it’s improvisations of the kind we use to hear from Vibracatheral Orchestra, Pelt, The A Band and such, that means it’s good and interesting with a lot of stuff happening all the time. And the two members of D & N of course sounds like a bigger band with the treatment of the recordings. List of instruments used: 2 acoustic guitars, melodica, modified Yamaha keyboard, modified drum machine, contact microphone, looping pedal, modified musical elephant keyboard, field recordings, 2 x 4 beards (and here I’m a bit disappointed the coverage of the CD wasn’t human hair instead of animals furs), ice chest, something tubes, rock house…… One 39 minutes piece sliced into nine parts of various characters."

"Age of Disinformation is a sort of super group gathered together by surrealist impresario Aaron Gonzalez consisting of members from Zanzibar Snails, Tidbits, Yells of Eels and a lot other. At midnight May 23, 2008, they entered the stage at an event. The only instructions given were “an improvisation on the current state of psychological and spiritual breakdown as it relates to viral ecosystem of economies of information”. Yeah, that’s rock ‘n’ roll! The ensemble set away on an improvisation trying to sound wise visualise the instruction and I must say they succeed a lot. Not to say I would have understood the instruction if it was I who should play, but the ensemble present a 47 minutes set of psychedelic sound sculptures, ambient, drones, musique concrete, etc – music free in spirit and in mind where the players interact in the best way and succeed with the most difficult art of being an improviser: The Art Of Listening To Each Other and out of that contribute with some good playing. The piece is split into seven on the disc even though it actually is just one single piece. The character of the tracks varies from harsh moments to silent patterns of electronics and buzzes where small talking voices breaks through like from radio waves. The competence and the experience of the players make this piece of cake really tasty. The album is self titled and limited to 200 copies. As always with Mayyrh Records the cover is beautiful and great. Here it’s designed by Nevada Hill."

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