Saturday, May 15, 2010

Womblife on Age of Disinformation, D & N, Zanzibar's "ViTiLiGo"

Excellent & interestingly-penned reviews from the ever-prescient Womblife blog.....

On Age of Disinformation (Mayyrh):
"These mutating oscillations, surges and crackling tones make me think of the frothing pools of analog electronics glimpsed on those early Cluster and Tangerine Dream records, along with hints of harsher noise, radio sounds and early industrial grime worked into the mix. The results are a dark, enveloping mind swirl that ebbs and flows with primordial currents every step of the way. Perfect for rewiring the synapses for a more celestial perception of the absolute. Welcome to the new dark age, my friends."

On D & N2 (Mayyrh):
".... a fractured web of odd found sounds, broken guitars, harmonicas and the like which together sound more raw and abrasive than the excellent debut 3" CD-R and lands them in the same jagged terrain found on Richard Youngs and Simon Wickham-Smith's mythical Lake (which basically sounds like Jandek gone prog)."

On Zanzibar Snails "ViTiLigo" (Tape Drift):
"Boundaries, barriers, matter itself is obliterated within their dark currents. These five tracks offer the expected scrape and scrawl dementia designed to fuck with minds and obliterate egos, and they're pretty spooky at times. In fact, the end results are some of the most cathartic raw noise excursions I've heard from the 'Snails to date .... as the ensemble alternates between cryptic Dadaist noise intervals and full on brain bleeding sonic mayhem"

Thanks to Lee Jackson for the kind & suitably oblique words

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