Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas song on Silber comp // New Year's Austin

Zanzibar Snails have contributed a new original Christmas song to Silber records' fine annual free Christmas album series. This year's installment is titled White Silber: A Cold Slow Xmas, (featuring Moral Crayfish, Small Life Form, and Silber standouts Aarcktica and Remora) and is available for free download.

The Zanzibar track is titled "Quartermass," featuring Sarah Alexander on vocals, dulcimer and bells, and somebody has described it as kind of like Christmas eve at Stonehenge.

It's also available for download on our MySpace .

Zanzibar has also been asked to participate in Austin’s annual First Night civic New Year’s Eve celebration. Austin experimental arts organization Church of the Friendly ghost has asked the band to perform on the COFG stage on Ladybird Lake (formerly Town Lake) in the eye of the New Year’s Eve storm. Zanzibar takes the stage around 11pm, following Ghost of Falco (Portland, OR), and Austin’s Geoff Reacher and Cornelius F. Van Stafrin III

Also, the new Zanzibar Snails full-length release on New York’s Tape Drift, titled “Vitiligo,” will be out in late January.

"Vitiligo" is the disease than turns the black man white, and accentuates the close relationship between darkness and light, luminescence and void, order and entropy

Recorded in March of 2009. Featuring vocals by Sarah Alexander. and dizzying screen-printed packaging by Nevada Hill.

Also, a few new reviews of the recent Mayyrh records releases by Zanzibar Snails, D & N (Zanzibar’s Nevada Hill & David lee price) and Age of Disinformation (Aaron Gonzalez’ nightmare supergroup) will be posted soon. All releases now available in the UK though Ikuisuus and in the U.S. through Time-Lag, in addition to www.mayyrh.com and locally in Dallas, Denton and Austin.

Also, recently published is a very nice review of Zanzibar Snails’ “Vanadium Dream” (Phantom Limb recordings) is in the new Sound Projector, the UK’s finest document of the wyyrd & experimental underground from around the globe.

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