Sunday, November 1, 2009

Dallas Improv Lottery

On September 26, 2009, the first installment of the DFW rock lottery (last year's Zanzibar-organized event in Denton notwithstanding) took place at the Phoenix Project in Dallas, organized by Aaron Gonzalez (Akkolyte, Yells at Eels, Age of Disinformation). 17 musicians showed up ready to play (mostly by invite), and 4 groupings were drawn, one at a time, mere minutes before the sets were to happen.

The results made for a memorable and exciting evening. Below are the groupings, including Zanzibar Snails Michael Chamy and Nevada Hill, regular contributor Sarah Alexander, and part-time contributors Mike Maxwell and Mark Church (also of the Watchers)

The music is available for download here.

Ensemble 1
Mark Church-electronics, toys, samples
Aaron Gonzalez-bass, vocals
Stephen Lucas-keyboard
Kenny Withrow-guitar, electronics

Ensemble 2
Sarah Alexander-vocals, percussion, electronics
Richard Blake-bass guitar
Kim Corbet-vocals, keyboards, electronics, percussion
Brandon Young-drums, percussion, electronics

Ensemble 3
Gerard Bendiks-drums, percussion
Nevada Hill-violin, electronics
Mike Maxwell-electronics, harmonica, vocals
Lewis Sutton-tenor sax

Ensemble 4
Phil Brewer-trumpet
Nick Cabrera-clarinet, percussion, electronics
Michael Chamy-keyboards, electronics
Stefan Gonzalez-drums
Jim Lenhart-soprano and tenor sax

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