Thursday, October 22, 2009

X-mas in Zanzibar?

We have again been asked to contribute (we did in 2006 also) to the annual or near-annual free-for-download compilation of Christmas songs by the excellent Silber Records (Alan Sparkhawk, Aarktica, Remora, Lycia, etc).

We're currently at work on a 3-way remote collaboration started by the lovely Sarah Alexander, whose track for voice, dulcimer and sleigh bells may point the way to the most angelic Zanzibar track ever

stay tuned ....

In the meantime, putting the finishing touches on making the new D & N 2 available for online purchase.

Both D & N 2 as well as Aaron Gonzalez's Age of Disinformation are now available at Recycled Records in Denton, and AOD is also available at Good in Dallas.

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