Thursday, January 31, 2008

12/3/07 News



Zanzibar Snails KRAKKATOWIAK 3-inch EP

MYH04. 3-inch CD. 17-minute studio recording featuring David Price on percussion, handmade design by Nevada Hill and David Price. $6 postpaid. For more info, click on the album cover on the front page.

Also available at fine Dallas/Denton retailers Good Records, Recycled Records, and Strawberry Fields, as well as (soon, we understand) Portland, ME’s excellent Time-Lag Records .

The Snails were also featured on the recent Silber Records comp Silber Sounds of Halloween, available for free download . The track is titled “spectres gaping maw,” and was recorded live at the House of Tinnitus in August


After a recent rash of live actions that found the Snails supporting the immortal Silver Apples, psyche warriors Suishou no Fune and ST37 and Rahdunes, Appalachian noise merchants Mugu Guymen and Social Junk, and local Dallas/Denton sensations Dust Congress and Nouns Group, the Snails are breaking, while sifting through hours of recordings with an eye towards assembling our first full-length for 2008. Stay tuned.


Reviews of Introdewcing …. The Zanzibar Snails and iDi*amin’s “B.C.E.” are found in Mats Gustafsson’s excellent The Broken Face. Also, DFW blog kings We Shot J.R. reviewed the D & N 3-inch this summer - scroll down to July 5.

We’d also like to direct your attention to the new PaperStain Records site, home of MAYYRH brother bands Notes From Underground, Modern History Duet, Douche, Shiny Around the Edges, and more … hopefully sometime in 08 we’ll be contributing a piece for PaperStain’s 7-inch series.

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